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A Disabled person.
"Don't put jam near that shepherd ye spacker."
by felchmeister General October 23, 2003
An undesirable and unhygenic cocktail of sweat, piss and fanny lube from the fanny of a fat bird. Often pungent, rarley lethal.
"I sat on L-A-S's chair the other day and when I stood up, the backs of my trousers were wet with, what I believe to be, fanny diesel."
by felchmeister general October 29, 2003
something of the highest quality
"Look at the tits on her!"
"Yeah, nice machine"
by felchmeister General October 22, 2003
Barbed Arch nemisis of Porn Bear. Mechanical being used to initiate new members into the cult of the "porn bear". Leaves you with a red box. See www.pornbear.co.uk
"I'd like to jpin the porn bear cult"
"Okay I'll get the Fistatron out"
"Nice one Springbean"
by felchmeister General October 22, 2003
Proper noun. Bastardised version of "Pugwall Summer's" Stringbean, and refers to absolutley fuckin anyone. Used instead of mate, buddy, pal, fella.
Alright Sprinbean.
Is Springbean coming out to play?(Springy, Springos, Springio, Springos etc)
by felchmeister General October 22, 2003
Lord high ruler of the Porn Bear Cult. Currently has 500,000 members (see www.pornbear.co.uk)
by felchmeister General October 22, 2003
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