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To sign, or have signed, a contract with a mobile phone service provider with severe early termination financial penalties.
Switched to an HTC phone with AT&T so I'm getting barbed by Verizon.
by Wynken de Word March 24, 2010
8 1
A point while drinking adult beverages when a euphoric or enchanted state is reached. This is the point where most actions cannot be recalled the next day and all future plans must be put on hold for a short period of time.
Greg: Did you see Casey the other night?

Evan: Yea, we really got him totally sh_t 'barbed' last night!
by Nick Lupo February 27, 2009
7 3
When a woman with a very loose vagina places her twat on a man's face so that he can't breath.
Roeland's mom Barbed Cal, when they were going at it last night.
by Don March 20, 2003
4 14