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if you are speeding and dont want to get pulled over, you find a car going the speed you want to go and follow five car lengths behind them. this is your rabbit car. they will be the first to get pulled over. preferably a noticable car.
"bill, slow down your speeding"
"its ok, i got a rabbit car"
by fadedredwing May 19, 2009
the clusterfuck created by construction zones
"theres a construction sign ahead"
" this is gonna be a confucktion"
by fadedredwing May 14, 2009
the potential result of an overweight person having to endure any of the following life threatening events:
1. too much time without food
2. too much of the same food-i.e. 100 candy bars
3. exercise
"man, if i dont eat soon im gonna have a fat kid heart attack"


"let the boy take a break from running before you give him a fat kid heart attack"
by fadedredwing May 13, 2009
fresh, warm muffins which are placed in a cookie jar and immediately forgotten. after two months, they are found and are moldy as shit. therefor, the muffins appear to have sweaters.
"my mom baked these and i left them in my locker. now i have muffins with sweaters.
by fadedredwing May 13, 2009
the act of reaching for the microwave. this mostly occurs when you live in a one bedroom apartment with no kitchen counters, forcing you to keep the microwave ontop of the refridgerator. the act also causes sadistic enjoyment when you have short friends
"i dont want to go to janie's for lunch, i always have to microreach for my hotpocket"
by fadedredwing May 13, 2009

the specific rock one goes to when they have been drinking in the woods and need a spot to puke. this rock is not predetermined, but the drunk individual seems to go straight for it.
mike-"wheres bob going?"
john-"over to that rock to puke."
mike-"wow, must have been a good rock"
by fadedredwing May 13, 2009
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