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to make the audience or others feel guilty and bad of something and force them to work in your favor.
Boy 1: Hey can you give me a ride today?
Boy 2: I can't im busy today.
Boy 1: Please, my father has cancer and has only a few hours to live..
Boy 2: Oh ok fine i'll drive..
Boy 1: Thnx so much!
Boy 2: You are lucky today.. playing that guilt card on me..
by boybboy October 06, 2011
when a referee gives a yellow card in 2nd half to the team he inadvertently helped in the first half by disallowing an obvious goal against them - mark lawrenson
German midfielder got a yellow card in 2nd half, after england had a goal disallowed against them in the 1st half, when it did cross the line and would of leveled the score 2-2 - mark lawrenson states "that's a guilt card, he's trying to atone"
by morch June 27, 2010

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