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When you go into a bathroom at a resturant or any public place and you have to take a shit and you climb up on the top of the stall and go from up there and when it lands it resembles a bomb, hence the name.
Herget went in to Zaxby's last night and powerbombed their bathroom, what a sick fuck.
by Ewan February 01, 2004
When you a guy masturbates, then "cums", and then that tired feeling you get after you do it and then of course followed by sleeping.
I cant get to bed so i'm going to pull a gooze and snooze.
by Ewan February 01, 2004
When you go into a resturants or public places bathroom and have to shit and so you go in the toilet tank and when people go in their they'll be wondering about the small and never be able to find it.
Herget and Zach went into Zaxby's, Herget powerbombed the bathroom while Zach upper tanked it. Man what a mess.
by Ewan February 01, 2004
Orginally from the mountain bike website www.chocolatefoot.co.uk. Stems from jey and core, basically a combination of both.

Basically describes a ride that is both a bit Jey and a bit core all at the same time.
Oooo, get you, your're so jeycore
by Ewan April 26, 2004
name derived from Simon. Will usually find them teabagging their mother.
ie: I saw simon last night with his mother, what a bollockchop.
by ewan February 11, 2004
a way of teabagging ones family
hey, whilst on holiday in the deepest darkest recesses of Hampshire, why not try bollockchopping with the locals. Marvellous!
by ewan February 20, 2004
Terrifying fat horses with arses where their faces should be and 6 penises that other cows suck on.
Totally evil and useless other than that magic mushrooms can be found in fetid slabs of their excrement.
Mushroom picker: Gosh isn't it lucky theres no cows in this field at the moment !?
Cow: moo
Mushroom picker: arg!!!
Cow: moo
More cows: moo moo
*all that was found was a muddy bobble-hat*
by ewan January 03, 2005

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