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5 definitions by evlspcmk

the milky white substance that is ejaculated from a sea otter's peinis
"my god is that sea otter jizz on my persian rug?"

"I beleive it is fredrick"
by evlspcmk October 04, 2006
34 7
The milky white substance ejaculated from a male bison
" mary had the daunting task of cleaning the bison jizz from behind the sofa"
by evlspcmk October 10, 2006
24 13
a: VERB- One that enjoys flicking a cats exposed anus while its tail is erected

b: ABJECTIVE- A insultive word suggesting its meaning on the victim
"a: hey greg watch me flick this cat"

"b: man your dad is such a cat flicker"
by evlspcmk October 06, 2006
17 8
another name for rain
the weather today is pretty crappy, the sky is jizzing like theres no tomorrow.

the football game was delayed because of sky jizz
by evlspcmk October 20, 2006
19 14
the australian version of cillit bang just with an even gayer name and some aussie version of barry scott who is just a big a faggot as he is presenting it
look what it does to this penny Bam and the dirt is gone

this is how good easy off bam is
by evlspcmk October 06, 2006
11 6