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an amazing person and friend. you'll never meet a person like him; I promise. he would go out of his way to make you happy and he has a good music taste. he's kind and very cute. gets kind of jealous but who doesn't? bye.
I can't really give an example of how perfect he is fredrick
by foxtea May 21, 2014
Fredrick is a strange man. His best friend is named Pablo.
"Oh No!""Not Fredrick again!"
"This time, he brought Pablo!"
by hankthemagicbear March 19, 2009
Usually a male who is a Leo and enjoys police oriented tv. Wears patriotic shirts to mask his real love for penis. Tends to be 5'to 5'7" tall. Spends most his time on social networking sites. Has no life but tends to garden and clean. But after the hard work he enjoys pleasuring himself in front of his computer and on waterbeds. Also tends to have penis envy for his lack of girth and length.
Corey: Who planted the flowers?
Lucas: You know fred buried his seeds ya Fredrick.
by Some Gave All August 04, 2008
a complete autistic freaky nerd that is really weird.they have a weird love for siamese cats and chinese crested dogs. they tend to pik their nose and hum while they pee. they are mostly capricorns and are between the height of one inch to 7 feet. they will never get married
no one ever wants to be a fredrick
by akhsim October 04, 2008
An emo poser who hurts girls and doesn't have the balls to say things to your face, so he'll just have his friends tell you. He says he loves you, but it's not true. He may save you from suicide once, but in the end he'll be the reason you're dead. He can go cut himself in his emo poser corner.
You see that kid Fredrick over there? Don't share your razor blades with him! He'll give you AIDS!
by Rapist Kitten September 27, 2009
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