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This years model from the Disney tween starlet factory. The next Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, etc.
I hope Miley Cyrus is saving up her money now, because the gravy train won't last.
by Eugene206 January 24, 2008
Living proof that the 22nd Amendment was a great idea.
Only two and a half more years of George W. Bush to go!
by Eugene206 August 25, 2006
The mysterious blank space at the top of American maps where snowstorms, cold fronts, maple syrup, hockey players and comedians come from.
"What state is Canada in?" (Nurse, San Antonio, Texas, October 2005)
by Eugene206 August 25, 2006
Britney's little sister, who proved that she's just as dumb as big sis by getting pregnant at 16 and probably destroying her 'career' in the process.

Further proof (if any were needed) that their mom, Lynn Spears, is a terrible mother.

Previously claimed to be a 'Christian' before becoming a teenage pregnancy statistic.
Jamie Lynn Spears probably pissed off Britney by stealing most of the tabloid coverage after announcing that she was pregnant.
by Eugene206 December 20, 2007
Canada's national airline, previously known as Trans-Canada Airlines. Originally government owned, subsequently privatized in the late eighties and early nineties. Took over Canada's other major airline, Canadian Airlines, in 2000. For a few years, a combination of minimal competition within Canada and bad times for airlines in general led most Canadians to hate Air Canada (with some justification, as service tended to be poor and fares expensive where there was no competition). The subsequent emergence of Westjet as a competitor within Canada and improving revenue has meant that things have improved a bit in recent years. Air Canada has a regional affiliate, Jazz, that flies smaller aircraft on more lightly travelled routes.

Also known as:

Air Cannibal
Air Cannibis
Air Can't...uh...duh
Air Chaos
Air Crappy
Always Crappy
Err Canada
Scare Canada
Trash Can
I'm flying Air Canada to Winnipeg next week.
by Eugene206 October 10, 2006
Talent – Ability to do something well, like musical performance or acting. A complete lack of talent has never been a barrier to success in these fields (see Hilary Duff or Kevin Federline, for instance). Conversely, having extraordinary talent in these fields is no guarantee of success. Superior marketing beats superior talent every time (see Madonna).
Since when did you need talent to become famous as an actor or musician?
by Eugene206 December 19, 2006
An interesting thing to order at a McDonalds drive through when you're pissed. (Yes, I actually did this, and no, I wasn't driving...)
Drive through speaker: Is that everything?

Drunk passenger: We'd also like two waitresses to go with nothing on them, please.

Drive though speaker: <Silence>
by Eugene206 October 12, 2006

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