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A fat chick lying on her back ready for missionary. (E.Lincourt-2006)
In comparison to what an uncooked chicken looks like lying on the counter before it is cooked for dinner. A Big bulbous body with little arms, big thighs and the skin full of tiny goosebump-like pours where all of it's feathers have been plucked from.

Man, I got so drunk that night that I setted for an uncooked chicken!
by erp2 August 09, 2007
Overweight Hispanic girls that listen to rockabilly music and tries to live the lifestyle by squeezing their pudgy sacks of blubber bodies into tight clothing that only hot rockabilly pin-up girls should be wearing.

Derived from the Spanish culinary word of "torta", a thick & fat stuffed sandwich. Because of that, this term should only apply to Hispanic girls that fit the said description.
Miklo: Hey mang, my friend's rockabilly band is playing @ Spikes on Saturday. You wanna go?

Cruz: No, guey. There's too many tortabilly girls (tortabillies: plural form) and I'm not a chubby chaser, ese!

Miklo: Ah, si. Pues, forget it then.
by erp2 November 09, 2011
The act of double-thumb-gouging the rectum and stretching it open whilst performing doggy style.
If she pisses you off...next time give her the cyclop's eyegouge! She might like it, though!
by erp2 August 08, 2008
The devolution of an ethnic group that derived from the European settlers and conquistadors as they bred with the native Aztec people of central Mexico. Factor that human outcome with the addition of deliciously fried (use of manteca) Mexican foods (enchiladas, tacos, gorditas, etc) and you get the mantec person.
Skylar: What do you think that guy is? He's too fat to be an Aztec type of Mexican.

Tyler: Hmm, probably got fat from eating all that greasy Mexican food.

Skylar: Yeah, he's probably part Mantec.
by erp2 November 09, 2011

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