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a depressed, old woman with a dead end job who likes to flaunt what little power she has over students who are only looking for fun.
dayum, miss bartolotti was being such a librarian.
by erik December 01, 2003
1.a human female who lacks refinement - more prone to drink from a 40oz bottle of Cobra than from a fluted champainge glass 2.an epithet used in reference to a buddy whose favorite team just lost to your favorite team.
1. "Bring me a beer, BIACH!
2. You lost by a field goal, BIACH! Give me my $20 now, BIACH!
by Erik April 17, 2003
another word for pot
Your eyes are red, have you been smoking the devils cabbage???
by Erik November 28, 2003
a white person who thinks they're black. syn for wigger.

usually spotted using language such as, but not limited to: son, dawg, playa, killa. the phrases 'lemme at holla at that' and 'brrrrra killa' and the overuse of the word 'yo'
yo Anthony's such a kurche. look at him tryin to be black again
by Erik November 09, 2004
Point of Sale.
Used at Stores to refer to something that happens at the cash register.
Please offer the Customer Something at POS
by ERik February 20, 2005
v. To tap ones toe while sitting in a public toilet stall to inform potential users that the stall is occupied.
A guy walked into the bathroom so I had to start doing a Fred Astaire.
by Erik November 11, 2003
An undefined, shotgun approach to engineering.

Skipping all logical engineering methods and going straight to the "easy to implement solution"

Thinking that an "easy to implement" solution is in any way easy, or a solution.

See nutstache
Andy employs ghetto engineering tactics very well.
by Erik December 11, 2003
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