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A non-pejorative term used to describe the girlish manner in which some gay men choose to speak. Often high-pitched and colorful, this accent is reminiscent of the "valley girl" accent.

Note: Not all gay men carry a fagcent - don't let stereotypes fool you. And also, some straight men carry fagcents, so beware.
Fred: LIEK OMG!!!! That skirt is sooooooooooooooo cute!
Barbara: Yo, y'alls fagcent be all up in mah gril!
by Erik June 15, 2006
The accent that exudes from an overly proud gay individual. This accent may be confused with a "valley" accent in certain parts of Wyoming and Montana.
"Lance was really getting annoying in Thermopolis today as he stripped down and skinny dipped in the hot springs as he talked to me in his fagcent".
by bobcat seej July 10, 2009
The loud, flamboyant accent that most gay males unnecessarily talk with
There was no need to ask whether our waiter was gay, we could immediately tell based on his strong fagcent.
by general stoneface jackson December 10, 2009
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