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a word used to describe the actions / appearnce / all around "awesomeness" of an object.
Person 1 : "He waved his hands all wicky like"

Person 2 : "Wicky peow"
by sparky winsor February 19, 2005
Wicked and Happy conjoined
I'm wicked happy. = I'm wicky.
by Alex and Marc January 31, 2007
a guy that has no spleen, there fore is unable to participate in spleen related activies. some times i feel sorry for him, but i have to keep telling my self, "he has no spleen" "he has no spleen" "he has no spleen". i also am the only person ever in history to break it to him that he has a set off chompers on him like a beaver, a giant, rabies infested, beaver. But ahhhhhhh you have to love him. hes a top bloke
hands up who has a spleen!!!!
wicky: ohhh!
by Gumby131 May 16, 2006
Wicked only slightly more extreme.
Ruby has some wicky jonx going on.
by Rakesh July 29, 2003
a leet person. totally kick ass mofo
that football player is wicky
by {morp0t}Wicky May 07, 2005
Being made of or filled with wicks or wacks, such as retarded midgets
Woah, look over there! That retarded midget is wicky!
by TimTom The Wise November 08, 2003
wicky is a passcode used by homesexuals to identify other homosexuals. Anyone using this word should be considered a homosexual.
I like talking long walks on the beach, romance on the beach, and gazing up on the stars with the one I love. Wicky. 24/m/pic
by b-bizzill September 26, 2004

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