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(v.) to take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you

(n.) a person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with)
girl 1: you were so hyper when we were hanging out with Pete, what was that about? you were acting just like him

girl 2: i can't help it, i'm a chameleon around guys
by erica10 March 05, 2008
a small town in massachusetts where 'rich' rhymes with 'bitch' for a reason. the kind of place where you will find a lovely forest filled with big old pines, an adorable little stream, and a clay pit that is way too much fun to play in, and then come back the next year and find it has been replaced by a neighborhood of overpriced, ugly mansions. the most exciting thing to do is hang out at the comunity pool or CVS. don't be surprised when you hear how four 8th graders got pregnant last year, or how the cops assumed a black girl was from Boston and searched her for marijuana. it's that kind of drama that makes sucksbury so special
-Why does everyone in Sudbury gossip so much?
-Because drama is the only thing that gives them meaning in their lives, other than getting high and drinking that is
by erica10 April 14, 2007
v. to abbreviate perfectly good words in a really annoying manner, commonly practiced by preppy teenage girls. This includes calling totally 'totes', awkward 'awk', and for some reason the excessive use of 'legit'.It's totes annoying and pisses the hell out of everyone who doesn't do it, legit.
Sally: I heard you have a new boyf!
Amy: Yeah, he's totes cute, too. It was madd awk when he asked me out tho, legit!
John: Wtf is a boyf? Stop fucking abbving!
by Erica10 September 22, 2007
a term stupid people (like me) use when refering to something that happened a really really really really really long time ago
It seems like Spring Break was foreverago!
by erica10 April 26, 2007
a really annoying person who thinks they're your best friend just because you lent them your pencil and, despite all your efforts to make them go away, latches onto you and sucks the fun out of everything, and generally makes life totally suckish
Dude, don't get too friendly with the new kid, I heard he's a total leech
by Erica10 August 15, 2007
after an especially loud concert, when you can't hear, or even feel your ears in some cases. especially true if you've actually been drinking at said concert
i had such a concert hangover after Metallica played, i could barely feel my face:P!
by erica10 November 24, 2007
the cool way of saying psychic
-i can read your mind! i'm pasychic
-dude, did you just say 'pasychic'?
by erica10 May 23, 2007

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