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Where one's face is overcoated in pure, rich, northern spunk.
Sharon: Is that sperm on my nose darling?
David: Yes. Yes it jolly-well is.
Sharon: Get it off then
David: Nah... I like a woman with facial butter.
Sharon: It's not butter darling, it's spunk!!!
Great Uncle Alan: I can't believe it's not butter!
David: What the fuck are you doing here?
by erectism December 29, 2007
A monster mentioned in the 2007 best-seller, 'The Night of Unwelcome Visitors'.
This monster is combined of many people, and is some-what beautiful.
It happens to be a cross-breed of a human, and an animal, and this is what some people call 'disturbing'.

An extract from the story is shown below:
"The only way to defeat the Giant Honey Anal-Attracted Pussy-Preserved Crust-Munching Dick Stroking Monster was to play with its arse, and do a controlled extreme-supreme muscle-power-wank into it’s eyes.
Fred and Alan combined together, and did exactly that, and thus, the monster evaporated into a pile of burnt shit."
"Gerald, Dave, Joe and Jon had a massive gang bang, and all formed and absorbed into one big massive honey loaf of butter crusted anal cheese-like human/mongoose like creature, which couldn’t stop wanking, and had to ejaculate every 10 minutes.
This was now known as the Giant Honey Anal-Attracted Pussy-Preserved Crust-Munching Dick Stroking Monster."
by erectism December 29, 2007
1 - The inner lining of the smooth thin layer of skin inside the anus.

2 - The anus of any mammal.
MY OH MY that dick went up my squiffer like a finger through warm butter.
by Erectism October 21, 2007
Self explanitory...

...Blood-stained jizz.
Tony: I went to Africa, and an elephant gave me a blow job. I guided the elephant with my hands, opened my eyes, and all of a sudden, I was covered entirely with my own blood butter.
by erectism December 29, 2007
A tightly shut vagina.
Oooooh, you don't have camel-toe, so you must have a closed goat.
by erectism December 29, 2007
The flesh inside the penis, that supports the function for the penis to erect.
Doctor, Doctor! I can't get an erction anymore, because someone slashed my moonerr.
Do you think they've destroyed my erectile tissue?
by erectism December 29, 2007
The advice given to someone, persuading them to rape.
Adam: Wanna make babies?
Eve: Nah.
Adam: G'won...
Eve: I don't want to
Adam: If we do, you'll get the most pleasure out of it
Eve: Ok. I'll do it

Narrator: Nothing like a lil bit o' rapesuasion from Adam there...
by erectism December 28, 2007

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