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a mysterious or puzzling person or object
if u see a shadow running around a dark alleyway thatz a kinda enigma
by EniGmA January 08, 2005
An alteration of "LOL" used when someone does something that takes you on a humorous journey of fun and whimsy, ie, tells you a funny story.
"And then you did WHAT with your sister? OMG LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Enigma March 12, 2003
Mysterious or puzzling;having the characteristics of a conundrum.
He is so enigmatic tht no one can understand him!
by Enigma December 01, 2003
The best fad ever. Alf pogs are the best.
Dude, pogs will never go out of style, they're bodacious!
by enigma April 19, 2003
Don't know, don't care
"Hey guys look at this it's so cool what do you think it is?"


by Enigma December 31, 2004
A magical monkey said to grant wishes to children approaching death.
"I know I am going to die mother" said the little girl. "I see Cheebo."
by enigma April 19, 2003
A super intelligent shade of blue.
Wow, that hooloovoo can add like there's no tomorrow!
by enigma July 31, 2003
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