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An alteration of "LOL" used when someone does something that takes you on a humorous journey of fun and whimsy, ie, tells you a funny story.
"And then you did WHAT with your sister? OMG LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Enigma March 12, 2003
Overly funny; something humorus said that takes you on a laugh-your-ass-off thrill ride. Or what only sounds clever, and your just laughing because you have no clue as to what is going on.
Amy: "...And like then, my girlfriend says, 'Like sure, but ice cream melts faster!' And it was all, like, TOTAALY FUNNAY!"
Gretchin: "Uh....Oh. LOLLERCOASTER!"
by Phatal October 10, 2003
something extremely funny. So funny, it requires the merging of two words lol and rollercoaster.
you mean to tell me people on here actually get laid? LOLLERCOASTER@!*!@%&*!
by muldoonaz March 10, 2004
1. A rollercoaster made out of lols. Commonly misspelled as lolercoaster.

2. An up and down lol series of related events; the most famous springing it's own name; the Lollercaust.
That series of stupid noob posts made the thread such a lollercoaster.
by manigordo April 27, 2008
A rollercoaster
A roflcoaster
A toaster
and some hard ass Lolling mixed together

is a lollercoaster
Suck my ass
Hell no
by Craxxors May 15, 2009
A rollercoaster of laughs and fun.
GUY- The Chicken crosses the road
by Epek June 11, 2007
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