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Don't snitch on your co-defendants.
If we get caught by the feds hold water.
#hold your water, #don't snitch, #don't be hot #don't fold, #dont' bend #don't break
by elpadron November 01, 2007
Used in the dc area as greeting to younger males from older males. A term of endearment used to express respect and love for a younger african american male from their big homie.
You got to be smarter than that nephew.
#youngin #little homie #cousin #my nigga #cuz.
by elpadron November 01, 2007
Washington, DC slang used by judges in the court and criminal defendants that have parole, probation, or prior history.
I'm not getting out today because I got stepped back in court.
#remand you to the custody of the state #put you on a hold #remand until your next court date #deny release on your own recognance #release denied
by elpadron November 01, 2007
To receive a long prison term from a judge. Washington, DC slang.
The judge smoked my boots.
#bagged #hit #stepped back #smoked #football numbers.
by elpadron November 01, 2007
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