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A high school student who will sell his/her soul to get into a top tier university

Paradoxically, college whores rarely get into their desired schools.
"What the heck? I'm president of 3 clubs, I have perfect grades and SAT scores, and I've volunteered for a thousand hours. Why didn't I get into Harvard?"

"You dumbass. Didn't you know that college whores don't get into college?"

"Oh well, I'll just major in poli sci somewhere else."
by Ellis April 23, 2005
Consume a penis in the upward direction. See eat a dick, dick-eater.
"I just finished the last empanada."
"Eat a dick up."
by Ellis August 21, 2004
Fresh insulation used for houses.
That house was hella wrapped in Tyvek, homes.
by Ellis August 21, 2004
Something to grease the throat and make ripped ass liquor slip down to flytown.
If ima drink that pool water, ima need a liquor lozenge.
by Ellis August 21, 2004
1) Offices of the government.
2) The bottom drawer of your dresser.
3) Heart attack.
Take me to the muppins! I'm having a muppins! Grab the keys from muppins!
by Ellis August 21, 2004
The highest attainable frequence of a spoken voice.
That dude from that party posessed the highest pitch of voice! Blood came out my nose!
by Ellis August 21, 2004
A big, often large, form of gorgis.
I can't fit such a head in my Prius since he became engorgis.
by ellis May 26, 2007
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