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The 5th most common word in the USA, with "give", "me", "another" and "burger", just beating it to the top 4 places.
Give me another burger cos i'm a patriot
by elliot September 22, 2003
huck: to throw, chuck, lob, whatever
dude... he's coming back, huck it!
by elliot March 09, 2005
Taking out one's penis and smacking someone in the face with it usually as an act of discipline
"Yo bitch if you don't shut up i will cocksmack you!"
by Elliot May 27, 2005
One or a group of persons who jump someone and proceed to stick their penis in that persons anal cavity
Jeff: Man you look like hell.
Steve: I got jumped by a gang of backdoor bandits.
Jeff: Oh that's why your not sitting down
by elliot April 06, 2005
Any of the most basic sexual positions, missionary, 69, etc.
The first time we made love, it was chips and salsa
by elliot February 13, 2005
To refer to someone as stoned.
That guy has been stizled since the third gradz0rz.
by elliot January 31, 2003
Some woman who smokes constantly and sleeps with everyone.
CSWB: I sleep with everyone and during or in between i smoke ciggaretes and i also smoke at every possible moment
by Elliot November 09, 2004
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