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19 definitions by elfresh

Bread-Meat-Mayonnaise sandwich

when you dont have cheese or just want a quick sandwich
Used Often in Florida
Man i Want me a BMM right quick, im hungry.

Hey Baby, Make a BMM please
by Elfresh December 09, 2009
Raw Rapper from New York

Freestyle on Feds Takin pictures, really RAW
Illanoise - Feds takin Pictures
by Elfresh December 17, 2007
1. Female informer/informant

2. A Female that'll provide detailed evidence and/or information
look at Ol' Snitcharella other there living it up cause she took a deal
by Elfresh November 27, 2013
Pertaining to Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis

as well as transporting the substans

e.g. Drug Trafficking

from cannaBIS and cisCO

Weed and a Delivery company making the word Bisco

Its a Florida southern term
im in trap you on my Bisco Brah
by Elfresh April 22, 2010
Any kind porn to make you Orgasm
i was watching some nutflix, this chick was riding so good
by Elfresh January 10, 2010