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19 definitions by elfresh

Your Basic trapology term Meaning "Trap", "Trap Spot", "Post", or "Corner"

"where ever you sell at"

Pronounced "ZILO-Station" kinda like Gas Station
It's A Term Generally used in Florida
PhoneCall Bob: Man i need to re-up, meet me at your xilostation
Big Mike: Aight be there in 15
Bob: Yeah nigga
by Elfresh January 08, 2010
1. Being On you "A" Game from Skateboarding

2. On High Alert of your Surroundings

3. Being Hyphy Scoping Out Haters and Females in the Club
Waka Flocka: Im On Hawk Mode Right Now
by Elfresh May 04, 2010
-The Life forms that are Born and Usually Consistent with Living in Sanford, Florida

-Born and Raised in Sanford, Fl

Sanford also Know as Bokey
DAMN NIGGAS IN SANFORD IS SOO RATCHET.... all these damn Sanfordians
by Elfresh September 13, 2011
BAMMED (n./adj.)

1.)An Occurrence of Being Dissed (e.g. To Be Dissed)
2.)Being put Back in your Place
3.)To Get Owned or Pwnd during an Objective
Shaun: Why So Dry Guy?

Elfresh: So i asked out this Amazingly Beautiful Female today and she Definitely Bammed me bro

Shaun: Yeah females are like that. Friend Zone?

Elfresh: Yeah man, but i got over it.
by Elfresh January 31, 2011
Swagger Aid (Adj.) - Style Help

1. Hanging with some with Excellent Swag/taste and it rubs off on you
2. Getting Objects (e.g. money) and changing up your swag

Stepping it up because of someone
Souljaboy was hanging out with lil B, so Souljaboys Swag Changed up

thats swaggeraid for real
by Elfresh June 10, 2010
interjection - "an expression of joy in the the Failure of another"

Pronunciation: "Kun-fayul-u-lay-shuns"
C-rowe: I'm extra late for class.. still debating on if I should go.

Elfresh: is there Time leniency??

C-Rowe: I'm not late.. lmao.. miscalculated

Elfresh: Confailulations -__-
by Elfresh June 13, 2013
Broke Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everybodys Swag

nicki minaj and her BARBIES
by Elfresh January 24, 2010