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a loving and caring little girl who loves to make friends. usually nicknamed "kit-kat". doesn't judge people by looks, but by personality. she's amazing and wonderful. beautiful and gorgeous in so many levels. nobody can ever hate katt.
i love you katt.
by the cookie monster! :O July 31, 2009
The most amazing, beautiful, charming, querky, loserish, yet also fantastically cool girl in the world. The only girl that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.

The girl I would give my anything to, and would hold onto her everything, forever.

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
Katt, I love you.

Kitteh, I love you.
by Tigeeeeeeeeeeeeer June 14, 2010
A lover, a fighter, sexy as hell.
Talks too much, but lovable in every way.
Dork, but everyone loves her!
That chick won't stop talking! She is such a Katt!
by Corinne:) September 06, 2008
A small person, usually below 5'6 with a very sour attitude towards handsome men. Usually approachable however if you catch a, 'Katt' off guard you will most certainly receive a earful.

Also laps out and is a major sell out.
'My friend Katt lapped out which made me very sad'.
by LoveePup February 20, 2011
A highly energic pussy that loves to be stroked and cared for.
Pet the Katts to hear it purr and make it cum over and over
by KAtts March 26, 2005
A kitty that likes attention.. that needs licking and stoking to keep Cuming and Cuming to it's owner.
The Katts was loved and it purrrrrrred with Satisfaction when it's owner gave it , their upmost attention
by KittyKitter March 26, 2005
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