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1. When reffered to a woman - a foxy chick.

2. When refered to a man - a woos or wimp. Also means gay.

Kusit is Hebrew slang derived from the Arabic Kus (or koos) meaning "cunt"

plural - kusiot
1. Check out the bod on that kusit

2. C'mon ya kusit, I dare you to...

Pl. Lissen'up kusiot, give me 30 pushups, 2 laps around the track and another 30. GO!
by El Duderino March 16, 2005
when something is really cute
1. awwwwwwwwww he's sooooo shubby!!!
2. shubby shubby!!! (to the shubby person)
by el duderino January 19, 2004
something that is great to the eXtreme
that cd is shubbadootastic
by el duderino January 18, 2004
used by 12 year old girls, deslexic people or just pure retards. annoying as shit and pointless.
commonly found before the word 'yew' also used by the same people as mentioned above.
OMG i luff yew, your new skirt is amazing i luff it.
by el duderino May 21, 2006
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