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35 definitions by el barto

n: South vietnamese rebels during the Vietnam war.
adj: Used to describe something communistic, rebellistic, witty, or elusive-istic.
The fork in this plastic bag of plastic "silverware" is sharp and elusive like the vietcong. I wish I could find it, but the "plasticware" is really crowded, it's like a jungle in the bag and I cannot find the *explitive* fork. I really need the fork to eat some cake...with sprinkles.
by El Barto June 14, 2004
Coolest article of clothing...ever.
With this eyepatch, a bottle of dewka, and maybe a ski mask I'll be able to pick up chicks or even hobags...by the dozens.

Warning: Do not wear eyepatch with brown belt...that's just tacky.
by El Barto May 11, 2004
Most popular and effective treatment for herpes according to the commercials. Don't ask me why I know so much about Valtrex. Of course I don't know if it's a cream or a series of pills, sry.
After taking Valtrex most people can return to their first love of riding horses....Then spend the night "riding' other people.
by El Barto June 28, 2004
N=Nigga! or Nugga! (if on censored forums)
OSN: Did you try the McGriddle yet?
by El Barto June 27, 2004
when a woman has sex with a man with an unnaturally small penis, used especially when the woman can get no feeling from the act.(see danny)
by el barto January 15, 2003
When a picture, drawing, printout of an Ultrasound, reports card, painting, report, picture of a cat, picture of a dog, picture of a neice, picture of a nephew, baseball card, football card, religious card, brocheure, panphlet, newspaper cliping, magazine cutout, column from newspaper, index card, looseleaf paper, map post card, stamp, magnet, birthday card, holiday card, restaurant menu, VCR insturction booklet, diary entry, calendar, schedule, book cover, picture taken of a McGriddle, or printout of an Urban Dictionary definition do something to warrant the merit of making it onto the refrigerator for all to see and lear at.
I hope this speeding ticket I got is fridgeworthy.
by El Barto June 29, 2004
A cool teacher, known for letting people in late and yelling at kevin.
"Guys...guys? guys guys guys? Guyyyyyyysss...."


"gimme a Z enter E enter"
by El Barto March 25, 2004