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35 definitions by el barto

Likely to be pulled
This topic is about Major
Nelson, the coolest.

Let's just try again
MNQ to the res-Q
I Dream of Jeanie

Controller of spam
Director of programming
3rd Haiku is best

The elite friends list
Can only be breached by,
those with voice messages

Hope to see good replies
on this the very best thread
that money can buy!
These are the 5 MNQ haikus I made on the Xbox.com forums about Major Nelson. On an unrelated note I really need a new hobby.
by El Barto June 27, 2004
5 4
See Dewka...please.
Drinking sprodka-vite can make even Tron seem interesting.
by El Barto May 11, 2004
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When a gloryhole goes wrong and the defendant is detected, resulting in an aggravated assault with a meat cleaver or machete.
Sorry, I can't provide an example because the definition itself is making me cringe.
by El Barto June 27, 2004
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an erection resulting from the overuse of viagra or other horny pills
that old fogey is unnaturally hard
by el barto January 15, 2003
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Unlike most common vending machines that sell chips, ciggarettes, and often fishsticks the pending machine is a "special" vending machine that dispenses only two things. It will dispense either a bushel of porn or a bag of cheetos depending on which you choose. Each will run you about $1, and the porn is very fridgeworthy. Of course if you do buy porn from the pending machine you must present a realistic looking idea to the old man that watches over the pending machine. Once you order porn from the pending machine you open up the door at the bottom to receive the panphlets and a complementary cup for use as you see fit.
Pretty soon the Mexican guys that stand outside of Vegas hotels with stacks of porn will be replaced by pending machines.
by El Barto June 29, 2004
7 8
1. The best show one TV hosted by Roger Lodge. Also known as "The New Seinfeld" by many members of xChat for it's intimate and often humorous nature. Most dates are flops because many of the guys on the show aren't what we'd call "winners", however some of the girls are hot. It's often funny to see the comic drawings in addition to the sayings by "Therapist Joe". Most of the dates are at pointless places such as neon factories, B-I-N-G-O, and the gym to name a few. the best dates often involve strip clubs, but I'm a little biased. Arguably the best show ever, keep it up (I think the show might be cancelled) but the fanbase keeps growing.
2. Arranged date for two people that have never seen each other before, often at a good place such as a restaurant or to do an activity such as bowling.
1. Let's chat and watch Blind Date...I'll bring the cups for gravy.
2. I have a friend that has a nice personality, take her on a Blind Date.
by El Barto June 27, 2004
13 14
When one looks at porn right before bedtime.
Dammit I went to bed last night with a loaded cannon and woke up in a puddle of semen....and blood.
by El Barto April 28, 2004
8 11