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Coolest article of clothing...ever.
With this eyepatch, a bottle of dewka, and maybe a ski mask I'll be able to pick up chicks or even the dozens.

Warning: Do not wear eyepatch with brown belt...that's just tacky.
by El Barto May 11, 2004
An object to cover one's ass to prevent unwanted penetration.
When Kelvin was sentenced to five years in jail, he made sure to bring his eye patch with him

What what in the butt? Eye patch!
by SusieB February 23, 2011
A male can give a girl an eyepatch during sexual relations via dropping a testicle on one of her eyes and making her say arrgh!
I'll make you a pirate girl. I'll give you an eyepatch!
by manormonkey June 16, 2007
A declaration of approval or fondness, used to communicate ones positive perception of an item, phrase, or stye.
(Originated in Seinfeld)
(Someone sees something they like) "I like that eyepatch"
by Patty Bruce September 13, 2008
To ejaculate on a girls eye.
I was aiming for her mouth but gave her an eyepatch instead.
by duncars May 15, 2008
While friend is sleepin wipe your ass then place on friends eye.
Its best to do when they are drunk or high off their mind.
He's out cold, lets give him an eyepatch
by CannabisKing420 June 07, 2011
The wet patch left on a man's trousers if he goes to a public toilet and fails to shake well enough.

Unlike the article of clothing, this eyepatch isn't flattering.
John's eyepatch was a fashion statement that left nothing to the imagination and much to be desired.
by ~R November 21, 2004
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