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23 definitions by eighthofseven

An accident, usually involving a mechnaically-propelled vehicle, which is sufficently serious to require the attendance of all emergency services; police, fire service, paramedics, tow truck, and in extreme cases a mortuary van.

The perpetrator of the incident is said to have "collected the full set".
"Sorry I'm late, some idiot in a sports car had decide to collect the full set on the exit ramp of junction 15"
by eighthofseven January 20, 2008
1. A military rank in the German Army during the Nazi (WW II) era, roughly equivalent to Lieutenant-Colonel in other armies.

2. By derivation, a tight-assed, imperious, arrogant, autocratic bastard of a boss or manager, usually middle-ranking, who also arse-licks his superiors and denigrates his team.
"The Obersturmbannfuhrer's knocked back my request for a bigger hard drive. Bastard bastard bastard."
by eighthofseven October 23, 2007
Gasoline fuel intended for piston aircraft engines. It has a relatively high Octane number compared to fuel for road vehicles; AVGAS is usually 110 (110 LL) whereas road fuel is in the 89 to 93 Octane range.
"This damn engine pinks under load !"
"You tried running it on AVGAS ?"
by eighthofseven October 23, 2007
An emergency ambulance, paramedic vehicle, or other medical assistance vehicle. Especially applicable when said vehicle has flashing lights on and sirens sounding. The passing of a Blood Wagon in full cry is usually very bad news for someone.
"Shit, I got blue flashing lights on my tail !"
"Chill out, it's just a blood wagon".

"Sorry I'm late - there was a crash on the way here, must have been nasty 'cos there were a couple of blood wagons there."
by eighthofseven October 23, 2007
To overdecorate the exterior of one's place of residence with ludicrous numbers of fairy lights, inflatable santas and snowmen, flashing Santa's sleighs etc., to the point where one becomes the object of ridicule for one's neighbours and also runs up an enormous electricity bill.
"I see Jeff down the road is houseblinging again this Christmas".

"That guy by the crossroads has more lights than the Griswolds in 'Christmas Vacation', and that was houseblinging to die for."
by eighthofseven October 22, 2007
When recounting a "tall story", the response "Tell it to the Marines" implies, "Go and tell your sea-story to some gullible landlubber, because no sailor will believe you".

Dates back to the before the Napoleonic wars, in the Royal Navy.
Pilot #1: "I lost the starboard engine on the base leg, but I still managed to bring it it for a perfect three-point greaser"

Pilot #2: "Tell it to the Marines"
by eighthofseven August 31, 2010
The consequence of a really, really bad vehicle accident, in which the occupant(s) of the vehicle(s) are converted to a substance resembling jam, which is then distributed over a considerable area.
"There was a crash on the southbound side of the expressway, some poor guy on a bike ended up as humanberry jam spread acoss three lanes....."
by eighthofseven November 27, 2007