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Noun (zee day): A term probably coined by Max Brooks which refers to the war between zombies and mankind. Derived from the word D-Day, which is a British term used to refer to a variable day on which a combat attack or operation is initiated. Z-Day is marked by a sudden attack on mankind by zombies, which will lead to a widespread zombie outbreak. There are a number of zombie survivalist groups worldwide (largely in the US, UK, and Canada), that are already planning what to do when this day comes.
Z-Day will catch mankind completely off guard, and the lack of preparation will lead to countless casualties.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
Any situation whereby a number of zombies, usually viral zombies, have come to exist in a given area and are threatening the local population. There are different classifications of outbreak, from small isolated incedents to a worldwide explosion of zombies. To counteract this problem, there are zombie survivalist groups, such as OZORT, that work to allow people to discuss what to do in the event of various stages of zombie outbreak.
There was a small zombie outbreak in Cambodia a few years back, but the local millitary contained the issue before it became a crisis.
by Edward Stevens August 24, 2006
The full name for a virus most commonly referred to Lyssa X or Rabies X. The ultimate rabies virus, with an incubation period of only a few days, rather than a few months. A member of the Lyssavirus Genus along with rabies, Lyssa X is a biohazard nightmare.
Lyssavirus X is a basic mutation of rabies that could easily wipe humanity off the face of the planet.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
"Lyssa" comes from a Greek word meaning "frenzy". It is a genus of viruses in the Rhabdovirida family that is characterised by it's ability to drive its victims into a mindless uncontrollable fits of fear and aggression (this includes humans). The most well known of member of this virus is Rabies. There are numerous members of this group, such as Mokola Virus, Duvenhage Virus, Irkut Virus, Khujand Virus, as well as the theorietical virus, Lyssa X.
The Lyssavirus Genus contains some of the most frightening transmitted diseases known to man.
by Edward Stevens August 28, 2006
A virus that does not actually exist, but is a possible mutation of an existing virus, or an entirely made up virus that can possibly exist without defying medical knowledge. Examples of fictional virus include Lyssavirus X and Filonecrosis. The movie entitled "Outbreak" was a good example of a fictional virus.
Despite the fact that they don't exist, it's important to be prepared for fictional viruses, since viruses are known to mutate to more potent forms all the time.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
The state that describes a person who has become a zombie. Zombies are individuals afflicted with zombism. Can be used to refer to a viral zombie or a voodoo zombie.
Those afflicted with zombism are a danger to the living.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
Lyssa X (noun): Lyssa X (also called "Lyssavirus X" or "Rabies X") refers to a mutation of Rabies with a much shorter incubation period of several days, as opposed to several weeks. Rabies, one of many similar viruses in the Lyssavirus Genus, is characterized by causing those infected to become highly aggressive, irrational, and unresponsive to attempts at communication. Other than its rapid onset, Lyssa X is otherwise identical to Rabies. Rabies is kept from rapidly spreading because it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 years to affect it's host, but Lyssa X has overcome this limitation. The term Lyssa X was originally coined by OZORT, and is considered a fictional virus. It is also considered a zombie virus by zombie survivalist groups, as this mutation could very easily lead to a widespread zombie outbreak.

"Lyssa": Greek, Frenzy
If Rabies ever mutates into Lyssa X, we're all fucked.
by Edward Stevens August 25, 2006
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