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Acronym Noun: "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". A specific organization oriented to the tactical resistance of a zombie outbreak. See for more details.
Guy 1: Holy Crap! Was that a zombie?
Guy 2: Quick, someone call OZORT!
by ozort August 19, 2006
An organization that kills zombies. Short for "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". This group made up of multiple zorts, and is based out of A member of this group (a zort) is a person specifically trained for tactics and survival in the event of a zombie hollocaust. The group's primary focus is on teaching people what to do in the event of a worldwide zombie outbreak, or z-day.
Guy 1: Hey, is that zombie eating that womans brains?
Guy 2: Oh shit! Somebody call ozort!
by Master Zort August 19, 2006
Acronym Noun (oh-zort): "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". A specific, largely internet based organization that discusses zombie survivalism.
After spending a few hours talking to OZORT on their web forum, Tom knew exactly what he would do if there was ever a zombie outbreak.
by John Jackson August 25, 2006
A group of survivalists who plan for ANY national crisis, using as a worst case scenario the theoretical idea of a zombie outbreak as a benchmark to ensure preparedness for any situation whereby government or society collapses. They are a large organisation and can easily be found on google or any other major search engine.
People often mistakenly think that OZORT is about killing zombies because they use a zombie as their mascot.
by Edward Stevens August 24, 2006
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