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Vaginal fluids, particularily when she's hot and bothered and it's starting to drip out of her.
She was DAMN horny, the girl goo was just dripping out of her!
by Eddy June 26, 2007
Acronym: Did Society A Favor. Usually meaning noone will care if someone kill offs a low life scum criminal.
CROOK: Forget you cop, I'll beat the rap.

COP: (shoves gun in crooks mouth) We're in the middle of nowhere, this .38 is clean and there's half a million of them out there. Everyone knows you're a no good scum sucking dealer. With all the other open homicides, I can pop you one right here and now and noone will waste time trying to solve it. It'll be classified under DSAF!
by Eddy May 08, 2007
A dildo. Soy being a MEAT substitution.
Hey babe, put away the soy dick. I've got the real thing ready for you!
by Eddy August 28, 2007
Nick name for the naval Phalanx anti-missile defense gun derived from it's side profile.
Hey mate, check out our M61. It looks like R2D2 with a hard on!

Don't worry 'bout incoming. R2's hard. He'll take her down.
by Eddy May 29, 2007
To shoot someone or a hunted animal up the ass. The Texas "star" being a euphemism for the anus.
For his major foul up, his punishment was buckwheat. After he took a .38 slug up the rear, he was conscious for the whole 45 minutes it took him to bleed out.

Sensing my presence, the deer turn and ran. So I scored me a Texas bullseye! YEEE HAAAW!!!
by Eddy May 04, 2007
TV reception from airwaves. No cable, no satellite, no Internet TV.
That old dinosaur only has tech from the 70s. You won't believe it but he's only got farmer vision!
by Eddy April 24, 2007

A SCHEME by the rich to continue their polluting guilt free, while the poor will have to make sacrifices for the environment so the rich can continue to pollute.

A SCAM because there is no independent auditing/verification the scheme is helping the environment.
Anyone can sell carbon credits, but how can it be verified they performed the promised tasks? How much was actually spent on reducing carbon emmisions?

Screw the environment, I'm gonna carbon credit my way to becoming a billionaire!
by Eddy August 04, 2007

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