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Acronym: Fucked In The Ass
After that major foul up he really got FITA by the boss.
by Eddy November 22, 2006
Fita - acronym for Fuck'em in the ass. When you find yourself in a situation that you just can't find a logical answer or make a logical reasoning out of. Also used when you can't think of anything else to say.
Rita: Hey Jenny I just found out everyone got a pay raise but me. What should I do.
Jenny: Just Fita it and move on.
by szide March 12, 2010
Finger in the ass. Used to describe accidental "poking through" of toilet paper when wiping.
"Man, I had the runs... the TP couldn't hold up; I gave myself a FITA."
by DannySpleen January 26, 2005
Fita is Atif backwards. Fita scrambled is fait, which is similar to fail. Fita = Fail. Atif is a failure.
Atif fails at everything
by John Milton November 29, 2004