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the vagina faced pussy monger is a female cousin of the dick faced cockmaster. its mouth is used, not only to eat the gel like film created by the master (which leads to pregnancy), but also as a passage for the master to burrow into when stiff from excitement
that vagina-faced pussy monger was beautiful.
by eboyd32 June 04, 2007
Cabbage (ka-bij)

a. Adj. Cabbage is what circus midgets smell like. Used to describe a person who smells foul like cabbage. see also Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

b. N. Someone who smell like the fool smelling vegetable with the same name.
a. You are a cabbage person!

b. You're such a cabbage!
by eboyd32 June 04, 2007
The American media's watered-down version of MCing in hip-hop music and culture. Many people confuse MCing with rapping, however, they don't realize there is a big difference. MCing involves the use of techniques such as multisyllabic rhymes, unconventional rhymes, internal rhymes, cliffhangers, catch-phrases, metaphors, similes, puns, and other forms of word play. MCing also involves the use of "droppin' science," or making songs that are used to educate or, as KRS-One calls it, "edutainment." Rapping is used in forms of "music" such as "gangsta rap," "bounce," and "crunk." although these forms of vocal music are loosely related, they do not have any influence on each other.
rap music is made by lil wayne, 50 cent, eminem, tupac, biggie, chingy, etc.

MCing is a technique used by talib kweli, mos def, common, rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Arrested Development, etc.
by eboyd32 June 04, 2007
Dane Cook is a comedian that got hit in the FACE!!!! watch his material and you will know what i am talking about
"the tire hunted Mary down... it jumped up, and hit her in the FACE!!!"

-Dane Cook
by eboyd32 June 03, 2007
a highly misunderstood comedian. his comedy is often considered simple, repetitive, even unintelligent, however, those who take the chance to get to know his comedy have a much better understanding of where he is coming from. his jokes may seem repetitive because he talks about similar topics very often, but his jokes are usually about current events so he can keep them fresh. he has also been accused of joke thievery, however, the main joke he has been accused of stealing is a generic joke that anyone could have come up with: "America is talking about getting rid of all of their illegal aliens and building a fence to keep them out... who's gonna build it."
many people still may not like him, but that is okay as long as they understand why they dislike him. i have a hotmail account (erikboyd60). if you disagree with me, email me with an EDUCATED response.
Person 1-Carlos Mencia's material is so repetitive, uneducated, and racist.

Person 2-You may not like him but don't criticize him for one episode of his show just because you heard a "dee-dee-dee" joke. And hes actually the opposite of racist, he's trying to make racism smaller than it actually is. everyone has to be politically correct today to talk to people and he is trying to break the tension.

Person 1-Oh, I didn't realize that. I still don't like him, but for different reasons.
by eboyd32 June 03, 2007

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