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When life insurace is pretentiously doubled because of cause of death in specific way. Also known as a great film noir from the 40's.
double indemnity is a film noir classic loved by many film students and critics.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008
A loose term describing a genre of country music with a much darker tone and attitude. Musicians such as Neko Case is normally associated with country noir. Most country noir never makes to the radio. Themes such murder is typical of country noir.
Country noir is a genre associated with cow punk.
by eazy-x February 14, 2008
someone masturbating to ellen page while watching the new 2008 movie juno in theaters.
you're a juno perv for masturbating to ellen page in her new movie.
by eazy-x February 19, 2008
A movie director/producer/writer/etc. Known for films such as Last of the Mohicans, Heat, Collateral, The Insider, Miami Vice, Ali, Thief, Jericho Mile. Michael Mann is very design oriented, his films are meticulously crafted with tons of research. This is how Michael Mann compares to some other directors:
if Steven Spielberg is a family man, Michael Mann is a business man
if Martin Scorsese is a painter, Michael Mann is a designer
If Spike Lee is racial, Michael Mann is a person with diversity
If Wong Kar Wai is an improviser, Michael Mann is an extreme planner
his films are not pretentious
Michael Mann has a strong cult following, he deserves more attention.
by eazy-x February 18, 2008
A negative connotation for a unique characteristic to an advertisment, business, object, person,story, film, etc. that is unique for the sake of being unique or to draw attention. A gimmick normally holds no substance. Many products that try to be innovative and new that fail end up being labeled gimmicks. gimmicks sometimes end up becoming non gimmicks if it lasts through time and is proven itself worthy and becomes a tradition.
Mike Huckabee's wit is a gimmick. The band tool is a gimmick. the 3-d glasses are a gimmick. the strange twist ending to a movie is a gimmick. the video rental store's ad on tv with the sexy girls on it is a gimmick.
by eazy-x February 11, 2008
a place on the internet where passive aggressive kids go to rant politics, religion, racism, strong opinions, hate and anything too upsetting to rant in public. many go here to offend others without making themselves vulnerable because they're behind the safety of their computer screen. some go here to masturbate. kids feel a sense of freedom to say anything they like on youtube. oh yeah, they show videos too.
youtube is for a bunch of angry, depressed kids trying to get off by offending others because they're too passive to do it in person.
by eazy-x February 07, 2008
The act of liking and chosing the thing you are exposed to first just for the fact that it was first not because it was better.
even though the second demo sounded better, they still chose the first demo song because of demoitus. they simply can't get over what they were exposed to first.
by eazy-x January 31, 2008

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