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an adobe computer program used by designers to create logos, postcards, business cards, pictures, drawings, etc. illustrator is popular because it uses vectors to create crisp clean edges that doesn't lose resolution when it is zoomed in on. Not a pretentious program
illustrator is a popular program used on mac.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008
pretentious milk that sat too long in the fridge that was not drank quick enough.
the rotten milk tastes sour.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008
a loose term used to describe a sub-genre of techno music characterized by smooth electronica down temple with trippy slow beats and sometimes backed by a sexy female voice. It is called trip hop because the music sounds a little like some of the old skool hip hop beats without dominating raps or an mc vocalist. This cool urban lounge music is sometimes associated with old spy movie themes. Stereotypically, Trip hop is also heavily associated and carries an image with youthful post modernism, grafitti, alternative street art, djs, turn table scratching, metrosexuality, trends, computers, futuristic technology and high design culture.
royksopp, zero 7, portishead, thievery corporation, massive attack, trip hop, spy lab, telepop musik
by eazy-x January 31, 2008
a modified japanese import car made for rave asian kids. see rice rocket. they are made for looks and speed.
that wonton cart culture has become real popular in the last few years.
by eazy-x February 21, 2008
Most cushioned pair of asics you can get.
the gel nimbus is the most comfortable shoes you will own.
by eazy-x February 14, 2008
a place on the internet where passive aggressive kids go to rant politics, religion, racism, strong opinions, hate and anything too upsetting to rant in public. many go here to offend others without making themselves vulnerable because they're behind the safety of their computer screen. some go here to masturbate. kids feel a sense of freedom to say anything they like on youtube. oh yeah, they show videos too.
youtube is for a bunch of angry, depressed kids trying to get off by offending others because they're too passive to do it in person.
by eazy-x February 07, 2008
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