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a person that cannot stop touching there dick to save there life
that fucking hornymicwhackwhack keeps beating off the fucking fagassmuthufucka
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
really really sucky, like big fat pimply man ass
" dude this game is splorgledemic"
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
everything, all , total eerything plus 1 best used in court whenyour skin color is black
we got eerything blacks whites the whole shabangybang
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
bad enugh to make you want to actualy learn so you can go back in time and get back the wasted time also , see splorgledemic
my brain cannot withstand the massive ammounts of suck from this game it is extreemly splakalakic
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
duby with shit in it usualy used as a prank on stoners
we gave the crackhead a dubyshabah
or poop dubey
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
a very homosexual person , extreemly gay
josh is a fagassmuthafucka
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
usualy said after getting laid for bragging rights
ya i feltersnatch,i feltersnatch all night long
by e.k.n May 20, 2005
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