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Etymology: from Chris Crocker's desperate cry to leave Britney coo-coo bird Spears alone, which led to him taking all the heat.
Usage: 1. encouraging someone who is talking bullshit or madness or is being pathetic.
2. saying or promising someone something just to shake him or her off.
3. when having no words to describe what you are doing or have done.
1."yeah, man!! I mean really, leave Britney alone" ;
"not only that, they should also leave Britney alone";

2."sure thing, I'll call you and will have lunch, and leave Britney alone... sure.."

3."what do you mean i haven't done anything all day. I've been leaving Britney alone."
by e-shy April 08, 2008
To be falsely accused of something. Named after the 80's show a-team where a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit.
'damn! i was totally A-teamed for that'
'sorry for a - teaming you there in the elevator...'
by e-shy April 27, 2010
a work place from which you resigned or have been fired. much like an ex-girlfriend or ex-bf, each visit to the workplace to collect stuff, or meeting with people from that workplace is complicated beyond need.
"been to Acme-tech today, was so strange..."
"Dude, never go to your ex-job within less than 2 month!"
"freelancing for your ex-job is like sex with your ex"
by e-shy April 02, 2009
the opposite of foot in the door, getting your finger in the door means trying to get into a situation, position or organization, and failing greatly.
mentioning you were fired from every place you ever worked in, is getting your finger in the door
by e-shy April 27, 2010
in environment, a frankenstein product is any product that is made out of two or more components or materials, which while apart could have been disposed of or recycled, but are now a burden on the environment, as they can no longer be separated. it is a bad thing
a milk package is a frankenstein product since it is combined of paper and plastic.
by e-shy November 13, 2009
In music, any cover for a song that is better than its original version. Named after Bob Dylan, one of the best singer songwriters ever that has the misfortune to have all his songs performed better by others.
A: So, what's on the playlist menu today?
B: Wll,m today we're on the Dylan's Law diet, so we'll have 'Eric Clapton — While My Guitar Gently Weeps (live)' followed by Jonny Cash's Hurt.
A: Rock it away!
A: Is that Jonny Cash performing 'personal Jesus'?
B: Yes
A: didn't know this song was under Dylan's Law.
by e-shy July 15, 2014

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