Top Definition
1) someone that likes playing with shit for fun
2) marco
Marco is a fecophiliac.
by st3f4n August 23, 2003
A person who is obsessed, or sexually interested (scat) in fecal matter
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
One who enjoys fecal matter in conjunction with sexual pleasure.
Stefan enjoys eating Ron's shit.
by your mother August 24, 2003
someone who enjoys eating each others shit for sexual pleasure. bboth dyaln and marco are fecophiliacs.
Marco ate dylans shit after teddy came over.
by no yuo August 28, 2003
Stefan and his supar-buddies
Once Alex finishes taking his Ex-Lax, Stefan and Ron are excited about the waterfall of fecal matter that will stream into their mouths.
by dylan August 29, 2003
Someone who enjoys shit as much as Stefan
Stefan is eating his own shit!
by Marco August 24, 2003
dylan the shiteater incorporated
dylan eats feces
by dylans mom September 01, 2003

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