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27 definitions by dunno

Shitting between the legs of a woman and smearing it about.
She loves it when I give her a muddy axe wound.
by dunno August 20, 2003
A website that shows how ludicrous and fucked up our USA government is since it passed many laws that are deisgnated to make our lives like hell.
by dunno August 18, 2003
A person who's nice on the forum but a bitchass Op on IRC Chat.
I got kicked out of IRC by that bitch FFGIRL just for saying "phuck"!
by dunno January 02, 2005
it means fuck all!!!!
by dunno May 07, 2003
An axis in which Mallory and Leigh add people who they think they should belong
Burton...you are now officially on the axis of evil!
by dunno November 24, 2003
When a person is able to suck himself off without (falling) over, he is fucklucky.
That damn shit-punk fucker be fucklucky ma fuckin', pee-witsch!
by dunno September 19, 2003
An act of desparation. In Europe, during the great famines of the middle ages starving individuals would steel the bodies of the recently deceiced. They would hang them upside down over a pot and quelch (form of squeezing) out the half digested reminants of their last meal for their own ingestion.
Im starving, lets go and find a body to quelch.
by dunno August 20, 2003