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27 definitions by dunno

Some Tv channal that the yankees made up for little kids to get brain washed in front of.
Watching shows like "amanda show"
by Dunno May 14, 2003
8 28
A really hott boy who attends Batavia High School! He has the most beautiful eyes you'll ever see and the sexiest smile!
He's so sexy! I'd like a piece of that!
by Dunno January 17, 2004
14 40
A Band who have good songs but cannot sing at all just check out top of the pops when they perform live!
by dunno August 22, 2003
6 42
Quite possibly the world's fastest and most well designed desktop processor. A chip specifically designed for the desktop and not a repackaged server processor. Features advanced multitasking capabilities and a 64 bit system bus.
I have a pentium 4 in my computer that will make your amd cry.
by dunno October 03, 2003
33 89
slutty gals
by dunno September 30, 2003
134 190
sum1 that looks like u
sum1 as in you
by dunno December 14, 2003
26 105