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207 definitions by dude

i want to crap in your mouth
what do u wanna do today friend? dang dizzle up in your krizzle wizzle
by dude March 15, 2003
Proctophobia- Fear of rectums.
Common among fenskers

also see asshole
I really want to feltch your ass man!, but i suffer from Proctophobia
by Dude March 27, 2005
The president of the stupidest groups known as the RIAA , Who thinks we can push people to buy cds by sueing little 12 year old girls and 67 year old grandpas.

This guy claims to protect artists, but really he just profits on them, and slaves them, collecting most of the cd money.
ummmmm ya i dont know what to put....
by Dude July 29, 2004
the worst fuckin' place in the world with partial teachers who will only punish a few kids that they dont like but wont do jackshit to the kids they like
i gotta go 2 school and get detention fer being me again
by dude March 21, 2004
A pregnant woman of the Machu Tribes in South America,considered to be sacred until giving birth.
National Geographic studied the treatment shown to the okilian of the tribe.
by Dude March 31, 2004
a stupid, often clumbsy and dimwitted individual. makes random noises such as MARGH! but are not as dumb as they seem
Gilligan farted in assembly again, then laughed when people said he shat himself
by dude November 03, 2003
A small fishing village in Northern Norway.
I'm going to Svolvær today, to deliver my fish.
by dude October 17, 2003