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(German) to smoke pot, toke up, etc.
Hey, Hans, willst du kiffen?
by bohnetp October 18, 2003
The German verb "to smoke pot."
Dude A: Rauchen Gras?
Dude B: Yia! Ich kiffe gern!
by dude March 21, 2005
(noun) 1. a very sloppy one-night stand, often leaving some sort of lasting infection behind; 2. a midnight departure with no warning and no call later, often leaving behind a large mess and ignoring unfulfilled commitments; 3. the abuse of an opportunity, achieved through empty promises and sweet-talk, for personal gain and at the expense of the other party.

From "Lane Kiffen" (coach, University of Southern California): held a brief stint as head coach at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, using the school only for personal advancement and leaving after only a single season. After departure, several infractions were revealed resulting in actions against UT even though the offending douche was gone.
"Yeah... Jerry hooked up with that chick last night. Gave her the Kiffen."

"He said he loved me, and said we'd always be together. Instead, he gave me the Kiffen."

(alt: verb; "to Kiffen")

"I woke up this morning alone and itchy. I think I got Kiffened."
by TN Mountain Fan September 26, 2011

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