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adj. a word describing coldness.
fuck man, this waters a little nippy.
by dude April 05, 2003
one who supports the communist idiologys. Useds as a derogitive term to non-communist, because of anti-leftist propaganda from the American government.
True communist don't mind to be labeled commies.
by DUDE March 07, 2003
A woman from Poland ( Polska ).
A very lively, toe tapping song.
I like to dance the Polka.
by DUDE May 08, 2003
power usully personal power
Trong is lame has no powah!
by Dude April 09, 2003
To leave.
This party sucks--let's bounce!
by dude April 10, 2004
Female who nags a lot for no reason.
Related to mythilogical female creatures with wings who made load shrieking noises.
My bird was harping up at me cos I wanted to go out with the lads.
She harped up
Sorry I was late boys the misses was harping up.
Watch out lads shes got a harp on
That as a close one lads she nearly got her wings out
by Dude December 10, 2003
The magic combo on your keyboard the solves all of your problems! btw Mac computers dont have this magic combo guess why!
My computer fucked up! damit! wait i know what should i do! the magic combo Ctrl Alt Delete!
#combo #keyboard #magic #lame windows xp #bill should learn how to write a software
by Dude June 19, 2006
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