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A womens vagina.
i ate her fur burger last night
by dude October 19, 2003
rosie = chic i would like to fuck
by Dude September 07, 2003
A band that proves punk is not fucking dead. Band includes Eric Melvin who will make you milt yourself every time you see him if you're a girl and maybe even some of you guys out there if you "swing" that way.
Man, I got laid for the first time after a NOFX concert.
by Dude March 10, 2004
The coolest store on this planet. So what it's a bit expensive. It's still awesome.
I can't wait to browse at urban.
by dude December 31, 2004
1) Any variety of meat sold by a street vendor. This includes hot dogs, sausages, kebab, steak sandwiches, etc.

2) A street-walking prostitute.
The ever ambiguous "Let's pick up some street meat."
by dude April 10, 2004
Area code of the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles. Collection of diverse suburbs, people of all classes and races live there. Today, the majority of people living in the 626 are Hispanic and Asian. Whites are also a significant percent of the population, they used to be much larger in numbers before white flight took hold in the 80s. The Black population is strikingly low compared to other areas of Los Angeles. The majority of the 626 is considered middle to working class. Although, many wealthy and poor neighborhoods exist. Once staunchly Republican, this area has become increasingly Democratic as Hispanics and Asians shifted their alligances to the Democratic party in reseponse to perscieved racism from the California GOP to Hispanics and inaction by establishment to Asian concerns following the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
The 625 is the area code, damn it.
by Dude December 29, 2004
Arabic for thank you
Shukran for helping me move in
by dude April 06, 2005
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