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Arey dudes, stop all this bickering na! We're all Indians and not matter Bollywood or Tollywood, we all want to be like a white person in America, right yaar?
Heh. Guys - India could be better without you sectionalistic people representing your own language...I'm Telugu and don't approve of what the Telugu person said...And I think everyone else said it not cool. Abdul Kalam, India's President and Father or Missile Technology there is from Tamil Nadu...Honestly guy, we're all Indian...Let's have some Indian pride, no "Hindi or what state you're from" pride or some "Tamil" pride...Ok?

Hindi's a cool language and the national language besides english of India. It's a lot like other Indian languages and it has a lot of "hai"s in it.
- Caise ho beta?

- Aapka nam kya hai?

- Me tumse pyaar kartha hoon.
by Dude December 28, 2004
"Why are you talking funny. You're cracked dude.
by dude September 10, 2003
adj: 1. of or like a douchebag
2. used to describe something only a douchebag would do
Synonyms: lame, weak, sucky
Dude, that is such a douchey car!
by dude November 10, 2003
A marketing ploy targeting the 13-17 demographic, in which ordinary commodities are presented to our unwitting youth as "crazy" and/or "totally awesome!" when in fact they are just pumped full of blue and red dyes and packaged in shiny bags.
Dude, want some of my X-treme potato chips? No, you fucking retard.
by dude April 10, 2004
A device used to see how YOUR tax dollars are being spent.
I like to listen to my Radio Scanner, so I know what is going on.
by DUDE May 08, 2003
Rantoul, Illinois.

Small town about 15 miles north of Champaign.
Hey man, let's go to Rantucky!
by Dude May 29, 2004
dumbest person in a neighborhood
Paul, a hillbilly, is the village idiot. His IQ must be 88, at most.
by Dude October 11, 2003
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