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a huge shit, one that has his head in the water before he cuts off. a rare spectacle.

used only as a similie.
"what the hell? you took 45 goddamn minutes?!?!"

"yeah man, it was like godzilla's brother or something... it hurt like hell!"
by ducky3010 August 02, 2006
1. a general asshole that loves nothing more than to piss you off.
2. a guy/gal that totally reeks of shit, constantly.
1. "shut the fuck up yo upoo stain warrior"

2. "dude, you fucking stink! have you joined the poo stain warriors or what?"
by ducky3010 August 02, 2006
someone, usually male, that feels ensnared by ass and craves it. these people will do anything to tickle your brown eye, beware!
tom, your such a fucking bum slave!
by ducky3010 August 02, 2006
bell end. tip of penis.
i put on some boxers this morning and my crows head was hanging out the bottom of em.
by ducky3010 August 02, 2006
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