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When one produces stool in a toilet. After flushed, the waste ultimately is sent to the ocean and is eaten by sharks.
Let me call you back, Nacho. I have to feed the sharks.
by drunkchuck January 02, 2010
Upon awakening from sleep to the sound of an alarm clock, pressing the snooze button and falling back asleep until the alarm sounds again. When this process is repeated any number of times, there is a chance the person eventually may not wake up to the sound of the alarm, and it could be said they have fallen into a snooze trap.
I'm sorry I was late to work this morning, Arvinder. I got caught in a snooze trap.
by drunkchuck January 07, 2010
The act of regurgitating.
I am totally going to jerk the cat.
by drunkchuck January 02, 2010
To die.
The little honey is lucky she didn't spoon the wall after last night's drunken episode in the hood.
by drunkchuck December 30, 2009
similar to a wet willy, a wet bobby is when a person puts their finger in their own anus, then into another person's mouth.
hey megan, give your mommy a wet bobby
by drunkchuck April 13, 2010

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