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To have, in the past, had sexual intercourse with a particular female.
manwhore001: Did you really ever get some from Levi's mom?
manwhore002: Yeah, I tapped that ass last night.
by Dr4T7 February 16, 2006
1) A very shitty catastrophe, usually due to a fuck up on the part of one person.
I can't beleive he wrecked his car and shit his pants, what a shitastrophe that was.
by Dr4T7 February 17, 2006
The type of walk one performs when they squeeze their buttcheeks together in order to make it to the shitter before they shpray their shorts. This most commonly occurs right after shatime.
If it is shatime one must shaddle to the shitter shuper fast.
by Dr4T7 February 16, 2006
The act of a man having sexual intercourse, with a woman who has a large vagina. Similar in context to Throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
messin with that girl last night was like ringing the dinner bell, took me fo' ever to busta nut.
by Dr4T7 February 15, 2006
v i
An acronym meaning "Vaginal Intercourse" sometimes used in online chatrooms instead of the many alternatives.
so me and her were havin fun with v i when her dad walked in the room all pissed.
by Dr4T7 February 15, 2006
Having sex with a woman until her vagina hurts, usually caused by a lack of lubrication.
Manwhore003: Man that bish over there is walkin kinda funny.
Manwhore004: Yeah, I burned the carpet last night, she was out of K-Y.
by Dr4T7 February 16, 2006
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