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A word to describe one who is extremely high from smoking crystan methamphetamine.
Kyle must be living in skantenation, look at his scabby arms.
by dr.willow January 23, 2007
The flakey, ashy like substance produced by a dried out, dirty ball sack.
Similiar to hair dandruff.
Chaz left a trail of chode dandruff on the carpet when he left the room.
by dr.willow January 23, 2007
A small reminding phrase to let someone of a stupid act know that they got moaded, burned. Usually best used in context around other people.
You, your girlfriend and another couple go to the zoo and the monkeys throw shit on just you. You got ficky ficky faced the face that got faced.
by Dr.Willow January 23, 2007
A homeless gutter residing fish like human who swims in giz. Often found studying "Murphys" law.
Christina the Trout Townsend has recently been spotted off the coast of Long Beach. Stay away from this sperm burping gutter slut, Sean Murphy has infested her with cooties.
by dr.willow January 23, 2007

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