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To be very pleased, proud or happy with yourself
I just scored free tickets to the gig, I'm well chuffed!
by dr.rob June 10, 2004
Batting material is another word for Pornography or Eye candy
Phil is running low on fresh Batting Material, so he gets all angry and tetchy.
by dr.rob May 17, 2004
Idiot, retard, fucktard, asshat, wankstain.

Someone who can stand in the middle of a 4 way road where all directions are equally correct, and somehow find a 5th path that is WRONG.
Phil's a total fucksnap when he quits smoking, he becomes really annoying and silly.
by dr.rob May 17, 2004
A dork, demonstrating his dork-prowess in a dorkly fashion, maybe on a chatroom, spilling out some intricate startrek drivel or pasting in loads of program code..
dork: woah i just wrote the best subroutine ever! it strips out all of the quotes and apostrophes in a quater of a nanosecond then tells you!!

$string =~ /(\'\")/og;
print "$1\n";
by dr.rob June 01, 2004
Fucking Retard, someone who is far beyond a dumbass, someone who has done something so rediculously stupid or braindead that words can scarcely define.
Phil, you're a fucktard!
That phil guy is a total fucktard.
by dr.rob May 17, 2004

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