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6 definitions by dougie

When performing 69 for a girl, the man sneezes thereby startling the girl who bites down on the defenseless wang as a reflex.
James knew better than to do 69 with Jen with his cold, but after 7 stitches and 5 weeks of painful peeing, he learned his lesson.
by Dougie February 05, 2004
789 245
A person who is eclectic in many ways. A seeker of variety and multiplicity based on all in existence in your mind at once

Music, arts, taste, fashion, lifestyle, and personal preferences making for a quirky and spontaneous individual.
An eclectric music listener
by Dougie December 23, 2004
13 3
Jookta literally translated means "blah"
"Blah," said Spork.
"Jookta," replied Dougie.
by Dougie May 21, 2004
4 0
blarab is a racist remark made to people who have parents from a black(see also nigger) and arab background.
his moms a arab and his dads black hes a blarab
by dougie January 28, 2005
9 8
The scale of how sad something is
"My life is sad to the extremes of saddenosity," said Dougie. It was true, it really was.
by Dougie June 07, 2004
1 11
When you are having doggie-style sex with a girl and you pull out and stick it in her ass. When she turns around in suprise, you punch her in the face!
I donkey-punched my girlfriend last night--that's why she has a black eye today.
by Dougie February 26, 2005
134 168